Clay in the Potter’s Hands  

Written by Diana Pavlac Glyer   Photographs by Adam Bradley 

SPIRITUAL FORMATION/CHRISTIAN LIFE  ISBN-13: 978-0-578-04501-6     2011

The idea that God works in our lives like a potter works with clay is quite familiar—Pastors preach about it, Christians sing about it, and it is found in the Bible from beginning to end. Diana Pavlac Glyer breathes new life into this well-loved image, combining black & white photographs with an engaging narrative style. In fifteen short chapters, she shows the potter at work: seeking the clay, preparing it, shaping, drying, and firing it in the kiln. The most compelling parts explain what happens when things go awry—the pot collapses, it skitters off the wheel, it dries and splits and crashes to the floor. At every stage, the potter is at work, making extraordinary art out of the most ordinary experiences of our lives. Available in Paperback and eBook at and Barnes & Noble.

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